10 Green Flags in a Relationship That Tell You You're Dating the Right Person

People talk about red flags in a relationship a lot. And they should because toxic relationships can ruin our entire lives. However, today let’s talk about green flags.

What are green flags? They are signs to show you the person that you’re dating really cares about you and is invested in your relationship. The more green flags there are in your relationship, the better.

Here are 10 green flags in a relationship that show you’re dating the right person.

They notice your emotions and feelings without you telling them about them

Humans are empathetic in nature to some extent. If you really pay attention, you can tell how someone is feeling around you. Usually, toxic partners don’t really care about their partner's feelings and they continue to do whatever they want to do.

However, the right person will make sure you are comfortable all the time. If you’re always feeling safe and warm around a person, that’s a huge green flag.

They help you with your chores without you asking them for help

A good partner will always try to help with whatever you’re doing. They will help you with household chores if you’re living with them.

The right person won’t think it’s the woman’s job to cook, clean and take care of the baby. They will share all the household duties so that you’re not always tired and busy.

They will share the bigger slice with you

This may not seem like a big deal but if someone’s willing to share the bigger slice of pizza with you, that’s clearly an indication that they admire you a lot.

It may just seem like a little thing but in healthy relationships, it’s the little things that make a difference.

They communicate their feelings

Humans are not mind readers. When someone is mad or angry at you but they don’t tell you why, the relationship can quickly become toxic. A healthy partner doesn’t keep you in the dark. If they don’t feel like talking to you at the moment, they’ll clearly tell you so you’re not worried.

If they’re angry at you, they’ll sit down and have a chat with you to resolve their issues. And you should do the same too.

They are interested in your interests

It’s okay if you’re partner doesn’t enjoy watching chick flicks every night with you. However, if you’re always doing things that only your partner enjoys, it clearly means they are selfish and don’t really care about you.

The right person will respect your interests even if they are not theirs. They will support you to pursue those interests even if they don’t always understand them.

They discuss their past with you

I used to date a guy who would never share what was going on in his life with me. I used to find that mysterious but it quickly got annoying when I found out why he was not sharing his past with me. He was a serial cheater and had cheated on all his previous girlfriends, the girlfriends he used to call ‘crazy’.

In any healthy relationship, partners share their past with each other because that helps them understand each other better. If they’re not sharing their past with you, they probably don’t see a future together with you.

They are not hung up on their past relationships

Rebound dating is more common than many people realize. Some people date just to get over their exes and use their partners as a distraction. They are not serious about who they’re dating and are likely only dating them for a few weeks before they can go find someone else.

If they are serious about you, they won’t miss their exes. They would have completely gotten over their breakup and are ready to fully focus on you and your relationship.

They are financially stable

A lot of women are forced to think that if they are looking for financially stable partners, they are gold-diggers. That’s not true at all!

While it may seem romantic to love your partner no matter what happens, it’s not practical to date such a person. I am not asking you to leave your partner if they have taken out loans or are struggling financially at the moment.

I am asking you to reevaluate your relationship if your partner constantly makes poor financial choices and spends their money on impractical purchases.

Their friends are good people

My grandmother once told me that we are the sum of our friendships and I truly believe in that. If your partner’s friends are rude and offensive, that is not a good sign at all.

Good people surround themselves with other good people. Your partner’s friends should be nice to you and treat you like their friend too.

They make you laugh

They don’t have to be a standup comedian and have their own Netflix special. However, it feels really nice to have inside jokes with your partner. A good partner wants to make you happy, your smile makes their entire day. If you can laugh with them, you can almost survive anything with them.


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