5 Benefits Of Learning A New Language

The language I am writing in right now has taken over the world. It is how everyone communicates internationally and without learning English, navigating through this world can become difficult outside of your native home. So, we all have to learn to speak English whether we like it or not.

Then why am I asking you to learn another language?

It’s not just because it will bring you more job opportunities or make it easy for you to travel through those regions. I am asking you to do it because it will completely change the way you see the world.

Languages shape our thoughts

If you only speak one language, it’s like you are looking at the world from only one perspective. Learning another language is like wearing new glasses after you’ve been myopic for so long. You start seeing the world in a new light.

For example, in English people say, “I broke my leg.” But in my first language, Hindi, the closest way to translate this sentence would be “My leg broke.”

Even though both the sentences essentially mean the same thing, there is a subtle difference between the two sentences. A native English speaker is implying that somehow it was his fault that his leg broke. I broke my leg. Logically speaking, who would break their own leg?

This is just one example. But there are many, many examples of how learning a new language helps us change the way we think.

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Learning a new language has health benefits

Research has shown that when you learn a new language, your brain plasticity increases. This means you’re less likely to get Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The new study finds that the more foreign languages we learn, the faster the brain responds and processes the data it absorbs during learning. In other words, the study suggests loading the mind with more knowledge boosts its ability to acquire more.

Who wouldn’t want to be more intelligent?

You learn to live again

Learning a new language is almost like learning to live again. It’s a difficult yet rewarding experience. There are new words to learn and the sentence structure probably is not the same as your native language. There might be new sounds to learn and new words that don’t have any exact translations to your native language.

But by learning a new language, you open yourself up to a whole new world. Suddenly there are whole libraries of books, movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts that you have access to. Yeah, you can access these things with subtitles but that’s just not the same thing.

It’s fun

I am learning a new language and it’s just so much fun. If I wasn’t learning it, I’d probably spend my time doom scrolling through Twitter. Learning a new language is a much better way to spend my time. I spend my free time trying to figure out the new grammar rules and sentence structures.

Besides, learning a new language has never been easier than it is now. You can learn many languages for free online. There are so many apps and websites with free sources. If you want to hear native speakers talking in their language, you can find many of them on YouTube.

You can learn a new language while lying in your bed and not moving a muscle. You can do it while commuting to work or while cleaning your house. It is very easy to fit the learning process into your daily schedule.

Then why wouldn’t you?

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Don’t do it if it’s not fun for you

I know I just told you so many benefits for learning a new language but if you don’t enjoy learning new languages then don’t do it. You will just end up wasting your time and you probably won’t even become a fluent speaker. Learning a new language is difficult and even tedious at times.

So many people learn languages while they are at school and yet they can barely speak a few sentences and soon forget them after they graduate. Schools are bad at teaching languages. They suck the joy out of the learning process. They make it all about scoring the highest marks on the test and most of the time, they teach you the formal form of the language. I learned English in school but I was never taught words such as ‘shit’, ‘fuck’ or ‘dick’ even though they appear so commonly in conversational English.

Be patient

I have been learning English for 20+ years now and I still come across phrases and words that don’t make any sense. (What do you mean buffalo sauce isn’t actually made from buffaloes?!) Besides, there are so many different slangs that you always have to keep learning.

This is why it’s important to learn to be patient. When you start learning a new language, you have to understand that it’s something you’re committing for a lifetime.

The Final Word

When you start learning a new language, it’ll undoubtedly be very difficult for you. But one day you’ll randomly start remembering words from your new vocabulary. You’ll realize that all your hard work is starting to pay off.

And that will be the best feeling ever.


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