5 Creative Writing Prompts for Adults

Don't know what you should write about? Are you looking for ideas? Here are five creative writing prompts for adults for all genres. You can pick one or all of them. Write at least one scene continuing the prompt.


You're 45 years old and live in an isolated village somewhere. You live completely alone. You've shunned the world and gave up on love years ago. You want nothing to do with it. One day you're out tending to your garden when someone knocks on your door.

You open the door and find the person you were in love with when you were 15. "Can we start all over again?" they ask.


You're 17 and have just come back home from a long day of school. You find the door open and there's no one inside the house. "Where is everyone?" you ask yourself not expecting anyone to answer.

But someone does. You turn around and find yourself eye-to-eye with a wolf. "If you want your parents back, you have to come with me," the wolf says.

Action Adventure

You're 28 and are out in the Amazon forest to look for a medicinal plant to cure cancer. But your team just gets attacked by a tribe of monkeys. When you open your eyes, you find all your teammates dead. You want to get up but can't. You're tied to a tree with a monkey standing in front of you.

"How dare you attempt to destroy our home?" the monkey asks. "Kill this human," the monkey says to the other monkeys. They are all coming towards you to kill you. And you only have a few seconds to save yourself.


You're 35 and your mother is on her deathbed. You were never close to your mother but you're still upset. You haven't visited in her years but you decided to see her again one last time before she dies.

"I knew you'd come to see me," she says to you. She's old and frail. But she somehow manages to get up and give you a diary. "You are not who you think you are," your mother says. "People who were trying to kill me will try to kill you now. The only way to save yourself is by reading this diary."

Science Fiction

It's the year 3021. Most of the wealthy human population has moved to Mars. The rest of the population is dead or dying. You're one of them. You're 21, technically you have your whole life ahead of you. But you're poor and can't afford to move to Mars.

You agree to work as a servant for a wealthy man on Mars so that you can leave the earth behind.

One day your scientist father tells you there is a way to save the rest of the people. He has found a medical cure for the diseases and viruses that plague the planet. But to work on the cure, you have to leave behind your dream of going to Mars.

What do you do?

Historical Fiction

You love reading books. You've spent your entire life being surrounded by them. When you get a job on an isolated Scottish island as a librarian, you take it without even thinking.

But there is something different about this library. While reading a book, it transports you to the time the book is set in. You come across an old mystery novel set on the same isolated Scottish island in 1819. It gets you interested and you start reading the book. Before you even know, you are back in 1819.

Back in the past, you are exploring the island and looking for help to go back. You come across an old woman. "Are you lost, dear? Can I help you?" she asks. You want to answer. But you can't. The old woman is your great-grandmother. The grandmother who was brutally murdered by her lover in 1819.


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