5 Simple Steps to Reinvent Yourself Spiritually

Becoming a new you is not an easy process. It takes time and patience. But it's something that's necessary. Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. Since we are always changing, why not change into a better version of ourselves?

Here are 5 steps that will help you ascend to a better life.

You Are Already The Person You Want To Become

Many people think reinventing means starting everything from scratch. They think it means running away from everyone and everything starting from 0. That's one way to do it, yes. But you don't have to run away. You can still become a better you without changing too much about yourself.

You want to become a new person but the truth is already you’re already who you want to become. You just need to let this different version of you shine through.

You want a new job that pays more?

You want to become a better partner?

You want to find out your purpose in life and become more enlightened?

You are already these versions of yourself. You just don't realize it yet. Just let them come out.

How do you do that?

Sometimes we let society dictate who we truly are. We let other people influence us. While doing what everyone expects us to do, we sometimes forget what we want to do.

For a very long time in my life, I thought I needed to visit Paris. It's one of the most glamorous cities in the world and I thought I had to visit it just to seem 'cool'. But deep in my heart, I never wanted to visit Paris. I wanted to visit small Scottish villages where no one goes to. I wanted to be by the sea. I didn't want to take a picture with the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to dip my feet in the cold water of the river.

When I started listening to my heart, everything changed dramatically. Everything became a lot better. Why? Because I am truly aligned with who I am meant to be.

Your heart will always guide you to the right path. It will tell you the habits that you should leave behind, the people you let go of. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Then why don't we listen to ourselves more?

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Let Go Of What’s Not Working You

This piece of advice seems easy but it's not. It required a lot of self-reflection. Because how do you know what’s not working for you? Sometimes what we think is good for us isn't really good for us when we sit down to think about it.

It can be difficult to figure out what you should let go of. It's difficult but not impossible. You sit down and figure everything out. Ask yourself difficult questions, questions that you tend to ignore because you don't want to really face yourself.

Do you have the friends you want?

Are you dating the right person?

Are you happy with your job?

Are you happy where you live?

Are there people in your life who make you feel that you’re not good enough?

Are you following people on social media that make you compare your life with them?

Sit down. Figure out the answers to these questions. And once you've done it, let all of the negative things from your life go away. There's no place for negativity in your life.

Realize Your Self-Worth

You’re important. Do you know that? Or are you’re constantly questioning your self-worth? Are you forever doubting your life choices? Are you forever putting yourself down for the mistakes that you made?

Stop doing that.

Understand that you’re a good person. You’re someone who’s special. You can do whatever you set out to do and nothing can stop you. Figure yourself out. Figure out why you’re feeling like you're not good enough.

Indulge in luxury. Because you deserve it. But luxury doesn’t mean just materialistic things. It means truly taking care of yourself, spending time with yourself, truly embracing who you are.

Even if you work from home, wear clothes that you’d wear when you go outside. Maybe even do your makeup. This little change will help you feel so much better and more productive.

On the contrary, don't become too egotistical or self-absorbed while you're doing this. Yes, you're an important part of this universe but so is everyone else around you. Be empathetic. Be a good person. People will only respect you if you treat them well.

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Let Go Of Your Fears

As human beings, it’s normal for us to be scared of change. You may want change in your life but you might be scared. Your old ways are set. Uprooting your entire life is a scary process. Making new friends will be difficult. Finding a new job will be an arduous process. Moving to a new place is overwhelming.

You might have a lot of doubts in your mind when you're becoming a new person.

What if you make mistakes?

What if the new life you build for yourself may not be as good as you think it would be?

What if you fail?

The truth is: your fears might indeed come true. But there’s also a chance that that’s just your anxiety talking. The opposite of what you’re scared of may also happen.

Maybe the new chapter of your life is something you’ve always wanted. The only way to find out is to let go of your fears and truly embrace the new you.

And do it right now. Don't wait for the right time to come because the right time may never come at all. Don’t tell yourself that you’d start a new routine or a habit from next week or next month. Start it right now. What are you waiting for? You will never be ready to start a new life.

You just have to do it right now.

Surrender To The Universe

Not everything that we want to happen is in our hands. Sometimes things are beyond our control. There's nothing we can do in some situations. And we have to learn to accept that.

Surrender yourself to the universe. Let it choose what’s best for you. Trust the process.

Even when things aren’t working for you, have faith. Just because things are not going right right now doesn’t mean they never will. There’s a chance that the universe is not making it happen for you is because it’s not the right opportunity for you.

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The Final Word

Becoming a new you doesn’t mean you have to give up everything from your old life. Take what’s working for you in your new life with you.

The right opportunities will always find you, the right people will stay in your life no matter what happens. Don’t mourn the loss of things that were not truly aligned with you.

Trust me, ascending to your higher self is a process that is worth the pain you're going through. Your life will be much better than what it is right now. But only if you listen to yourself.

Book Recommendation: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Don Miguel Ruiz

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