5 Small Changes You Must Make in 2022

2022 seems like a different year than the rest of the years. We are all exhausted and barely anyone I know is trying to make their lives better. That is understandable, yes. We’re all too tired right now.

But I think that even if things seem bleak at the moment, we must still try to change our lives for the better. They don’t even have to be big changes, they can be small changes too.

Here are 5 small changes that you can make to make your life slightly better:

Cook More

I have not come across many people who don’t enjoy delicious food. However, eating delicious food outside every day can get expensive really quickly. Now that many of us are working from our homes, it’s a great time to cook at home more often. Even if you don’t work from home, you can always cook on weekends and holidays.

Cooking at home is not only healthy, but it can also save you tons of money if you are mindful of what you’re buying. Thanks to so many free recipes online, you can always find something new to cook. It’s very therapeutic.

Go on Walks (Without Your Phone)

It’s January and it’s cold. Motivation to step outside and actually do something is quite low. However, I have noticed that once I step outside, my spirits lift up and I start to feel better. If it’s sunny outside, it makes things even better.

I make sure that whenever I go outside for a walk, I leave my phone behind. It’s the time when I connect with nature and pause the scrolling for a while.

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Read a Book Every Night

One of the things I am working on is reducing the time I spend on my phone. It’s not easy at all for someone like me. I can spend hours scrolling through my Instagram at night and not even realize when the time passes me by.

If you’re like me, this is where reading will come and save you. It will take a little bit of effort in the beginning, but I promise you: once you get the hang of it, you’ll always reach for a book rather than your phone.

A good way to ensure you put your phone away at night is to keep the book you’ve chosen to read by your bed and leave your phone outside your room.

Clean Your Room

Some of us are clean-freaks while some of us… are not. I am clearly in the latter category. I wish I wasn’t though because I have noticed that often the state of my room reflects the state of my mind. If my room is clean and not messy, I feel my mind is much clearer and more creative.

If you often find yourself in a rut, take a look at your surroundings. Trust me, it doesn’t take too much time and you’ll feel much better once you’re in a clean space.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is one of those things that everyone intends to do one day… and then they never do it. It is something that can be difficult to get into if you’ve never written before but it’s much easier than most people realize.

Just sit down with a blank notebook and write your heart out. Write about your pain and anger and heartbreak. There are tons of journal prompts you can find online.

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