The Law of Attraction: How To Manifest Anything You Want!

I have previously asked the universe for things. Everyone makes a wish every now and then, right? I am no different. However, I believe that the law of attraction is a lot more serious than that. It’s not just making a wish, it’s firmly believing that the wish will come true. It’s changing your entire perspective about your life.

Is the law of attraction even real?

I won’t lie, I am a very skeptical person. I used to be scared of manifestations. I had a feeling the moment I ask the universe for something, the universe will ignore me. I also felt like my wishes are not worth listening to.

Why did I think this way?

Because I have been burned in the past. I have suffered through things I didn’t deserve to experience. I have met people who I loved with my whole heart and then they went and broke me completely. I have made friends who I thought would stay with me forever. But they left me as soon as I was no longer useful for them. I have moved countries in the hopes of starting a new life. Instead, my life was completely ruined and I barely survived.

Making wishes had never really gone well for me. In fact, whenever I had asked for something, that thing never came true. People say we attract what we think about. But I don’t remember ever asking for pain and trauma. But that’s all I got.

But the law of attraction is different.

If you’re also skeptical like I used to be, I’d suggest you give it a try once. You don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain.

How to Manifest Positive Outcomes

Ask the universe for what you want. Don’t be afraid, ask for your wildest dreams to come true. And you will get it.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Don't believe me?

Here are a few tips that I recommend you apply to your life and I can assure you you will start seeing changes in your life.

Dream Big and Know What You Want

If someone told you: you can ask for any amount of money and you will get it, how much would ask for?

The situation is similar with the universe. It is here to give us gifts, as many as we ask for. Ask and you shall receive. Sure, things may not happen when you want them to happen, but you will receive your gifts at the right time.

This is why you should never be shy when manifesting something. Truly listen to your heart and manifest. Recognize your self-worth and remember that you can never be too greedy.

You Are a Magnet

You are a magnet and your instincts are always guiding you about things and people who are meant for you.

Have you ever met someone and instantly vibed with them? Or maybe you met someone and something just felt off with their energy. That’s your subconscious guiding you. If you feel awkward around someone even though they seem to be a pleasant person, trust your instinct. A person can lie to you but your gut never will.

I have noticed that whenever I surround myself with negative people, I start to act like a negative person too. The people we surround ourselves really impact our lives. This is why in 2022, it’s better to be lonely than be surrounded by people who make you miserable.

If you can’t find good people, try spending lots of time around nature. Trees, grass, and sky can be your friends. If you live by a beach or a mountain, you are very lucky and you must celebrate where you live. You’ll notice how great you feel just by spending more time with Mother Earth.

The Universe Will Never Abandon You

Sometimes when we have gone through a difficult time, it can feel difficult to believe that there is indeed hope left in the world. I have felt the heaviness too. But once again, giving up will never be an option for me. Dawn has to break after a dark night. There has to be light at the end of the tunnel. I refuse to believe that the universe will abandon me.

It won’t abandon you either.

It’s Okay to Be Human

Being positive and happy all the time is not something that’s possible. We are humans and we are bound to feel a range of emotions, some of them can be negative. Sadness, greed, jealousy, anger, the list goes on. We must forgive ourselves when we are not feeling our best selves. It’s okay to not be okay. What’s not okay is never allowing ourselves to walk out of this darkness.

The universe will help you to come out of this darkness but it can’t help you if you don’t want to help yourself first.

Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration will help attract the right opportunities for you and it will make manifesting much simpler.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Forgive people who hurt you. Not because you want them in your life but because you want to set yourself free.

  • Forgive yourself for times when you couldn’t do your best.

  • Let go of the past but learn your lessons from it.

  • Don’t worry too much about the future but plan for it.

  • Be present in the moment.

  • Be a good person. Don’t hurt people because of your own selfishness. Be kind always.


Affirmations are statements that make it seem as if your wishes have already come true and can be a great tool for setting manifestations. They will help you envision a future where all your manifestations have come to life.

Here are a few examples:

I am capable of achieving all my dreams.
I have financial abundance. I have enough money to fulfill all my needs.
I am happy and grateful for all I have received from the universe.
I am surrounded by good people who genuinely care about me.

Here are a few more examples.

How to Use Affirmations:

  • Look into the mirror and speak them loudly. This would put your words out in the universe and into existence.

  • Write them down in your journal as many times as you can.

  • Write your affirmations on a piece of paper and bury them in a garden.

  • Make a vision board. You can do this digitally as well.

  • Meditate for a few minutes every day while thinking about your affirmations.

Trust the Process

Your manifestation may not come true as fast as you want it to. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up hope. That’s exactly the kind of negativity you should run away from. It’s normal if you have doubts in your mind but don’t dwell too much on negative thoughts. Let them pass through so that you can make way for positive thoughts.

Have unwavering faith in the universe that you will get what you asked for. And if you don’t get it, that’s because the universe has something even better for you.

My Manifestations

In order to be transparent and teach you how to really manifest, I am going to manifest a few things right now. If you want, you can use my words as affirmations for your own manifestation.

I manifest financial abundance.

I feel guilty even writing this because I am manifesting more money. How greedy is that! But nothing in this world is possible without money. Things like age, gender, the color of your skin, your nationality. None of this matters. You need money to survive. So, here I am manifesting money. And I am trying to not feel guilty about it.

I manifest my hard work paying off. Because I know how hard I really work. I wake up early every day to work on my business and I sleep late at night while thinking about my business. I am skilled and I know am capable of achieving all my dreams.

I manifest friendships.

Right now, I don’t really have anyone in my life I can share things with. I have my brother who is quite close to me but I’d love to have friends. I used to have really good friends, friends I thought were going to stay with me for the rest of my life. But maybe I had overestimated how good things were. Because we all drifted apart and I guess, nobody tried to get back together. People moved on. My friends made new friends and I didn’t. It sucks to be in this position. And this is why I manifest friendships.

I want to meet like-minded people. People who have the same opinions and ideas as I do. People who aren’t selfish and won’t stop talking to me once I am no longer useful to them. Good people. I sometimes feel that people like that don’t exist. But they must.

And I will attract them.

I manifest a home.

I have a house. I have a roof over my head and I eat three meals per day. I am not homeless and yet I crave a home. I’d like a space of my own, a space where I can do whatever I want whenever I want, a place where I am truly happy.

I’d like to leave my sheets messy if that’s how I feel like it. I want to make my own food. I want to have my own bathroom that I don’t have to share with anyone.


Everything is possible in the universe. Everything.

If you’ve never tried the law of attraction before, I hope now you know what you need to do. As I said before: there isn’t anything to lose and everything to gain.


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