Why Did Bestdressed Leave YouTube?

I first discovered Ashley with her video titled ‘50 OUTFITS for when you have nothing to wear.' I am pretty sure there are many people who discovered her through this video because this video happens to be the most-watched video on her channel.

I wasn’t necessarily looking for fashion advice but I was bored and I had nothing else to do so I watched the video.

Usually, videos such as these have expensive designer clothes that I can’t afford or the fashion is too impractical to wear outside.

But Ashley’s videos were a breath of fresh air.

The video had simple steps on how to style our everyday basic jeans and tops and even had tips on how we can repeat our clothes. I thought that was cool because I haven’t seen many other YouTubers do that. Maybe they do. I don’t really watch the fashion side of youtube. But I watched Ashley’s videos.

I miss her

Even though Ashley’s channel is mainly about fashion which is not something I am much interested in, Ashley’s videos were just fun to watch. In her videos, she is simply taking herself on a date or even just cleaning her room. It was entertaining to watch.

I think she really made a lasting difference in the fashion community. Before her time on YouTube, I had never seen all of us come together like this and take a deep dive into casual fashion. I have to say I really miss it and I wish there was still similar content or at least groups of people who could get together and be excited about reformation and juxtapositions and plants.

It’s been a year since Ashley has uploaded a video, although she does remain active on Instagram, I do miss her Youtube content sometimes. No one really knows why she left but people have made speculations.

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Why did she leave?

A few weeks before Ashley’s disappearance, a few videos and posts on forums started calling Ashley ‘problematic’. Now before I talk about this any further, I want to make it clear that I don’t think that Ashley is a perfect person.

I highly doubt there is anyone in the world who is perfect but when you’re a popular person online, there’s a lot more pressure to be perfect. All your words and actions are scrutinized a lot more closely.

While talking to a friend, you can say something silly and you both can forget about it later. However, when you say something silly online, it is watched over again and again. It is taken out of context, it is ridiculed and made fun of.

Some people said she was glamorizing a pandemic.

Some people said she was hanging out with loads of different people during a pandemic.

Some people didn’t like that she collaborated with Amazon.

Now I am not getting into whether Ashley’s actions warranted criticism or not. There are many videos on YouTube that discuss that and if that’s what you’re interested in, you can find plenty of content. Every person has a different opinion and I think people should be allowed to voice their opinions. It’s a free world.

However, if I were in Ashley’s place, I would have gotten overwhelmed too. I think that’s what Ashley became a victim of. A lot of people looked up to Ashley as their big sister. She was here for us to entertain us, discuss difficult topics, and just be there for us when no one else us.

However, what people didn’t realize was that Ashley wasn’t actually our big sister. She was stalked and was forced to change her apartment. She received a lot of criticism but most of it seemed unwarranted. People became obsessed with her. Either people were defending all her actions and worshipping her like she was a goddess or they were pretending like she was the worst person on youtube.

She was neither of those things.

She was just a regular 20 something girl figuring her life out. Except she was doing it publicly.

She grew up

Ashley’s first video was uploaded six years ago. And she has changed a lot since then. She is not the same person she was two years ago and I guess that’s what irks most people. Her fashion style has changed. She is no longer a college student, she is now quite an affluent YouTuber with a big audience.

Perhaps that’s why some people were dissatisfied with her content. Because she grew up.

I think people held Ashley to an impossible standard. Both her fans and her critics. Her fans were obsessed with her and saw her as a human being who could make no mistake. Any time someone criticized something that she did, people piled up on them.

On the other hand, her haters criticized EVERYTHING she did.

Looking back, I just think Ashley was a flawed person who deserved better. Will she come back? No one knows.

But if she does, I hope people stop treating her like a villain or the perfect goddess. I hope people allow her to just be herself. I hope people let her continue making mistakes and not make it seem she was the worst person in the world for doing so.

Until then, I just hope Ashley is happy wherever she is and I hope she is living a happy and fulfilled life.

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