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I am Vidhipssa and I write.

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About Me


Phone: +44 7474168255

My name is pronounced like With-hip-ssa. People who can't pronounce it just call me Vidhi. People travel to India to find themselves but I left the country to do exactly that. I moved to Edinburgh for my Master's in Creative Writing. In October 2022, I received an endorsement from the Arts Council of England for the Global Talent Visa as an exceptionally promising candidate in the field of literature. I am now based in London, looking for my first full-time job in the creative industries. I am very passionate about the arts, particularly literature and would love to see more diversity in these sectors. While writing is my primary passion, I am also enthusiastic about other art forms. I love painting for myself, creating TikToks, making graphics and taking photos for my Instagram. 



Why do I want this opportunity?

I want to be a part of the Fiver program because I am looking to grow as a creative as well as a person. I am really eager to get my foot in the door in the creative industry and this opportunity seems like a perfect way to do that. I like thinking of new ideas and making new things, which is why I am excited to see that both these things are a huge part of this job.

Why should you want me?

According to me, I have the two most important qualities that any creative should have.

Resilience: Before a good idea, you get a thousand bad ideas. When you express an idea, it may not be very well-liked by everyone. I believe I have this resilience. I am not scared of expressing ideas, both good and bad. At the same time, I am capable of taking constructive criticism and working with other people to improve upon it.

Adaptability: Forms of art are always changing and if any artist wishes to continue succeeding, they have to keep adapting. I am good at adapting as I am always willing to learn new things.

I believe this is why I am suitable for this role.



I am a writer. I have written novels, novellas, short stories, poems, essays, newsletters and blogs. I am very adaptable when it comes to the written word.




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I created this mock ad campaign with the idea that emails are more important than we realise.

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The right email can change your world.

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The right email can change your world.

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 10.05.44 AM.png

The right email can change your world.


I wrote a series of micro-fiction stories as a hobby, based on the theme of women-empowerment. Feminism is very important to me and the stories are a way to communicate that.

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I moved to the UK a while ago and since then I am constantly asked what it's like by my friends and family back home. I created this series of graphics to explain what it's like for my Instagram.


This is the project I am most proud of. In the final year of my undergraduate program, I was elected as the President of the Literary Society of Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi. One of my many responsibilities was to organise a literary festival. The theme chosen was LGTBQ: Literatures Going Beyond the Quotidian. The idea was to discuss and promote literary texts that were either written by LGBTQ authors or explored these themes. This festival was organised when homosexuality was still criminalised in India. The following year homosexuality was decriminalised and I'd like to believe that our small student-led literary festival played a part in that. 

The ideas for the events was brainstormed by me and my team. I wrote the copy for the following events.

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I am adding a few of my personal essays that I have written over the years. I believe these essays are a reflection of not only my writing style and the themes I am interested in but also who I am as a person.


Fiction is my first love and it'll always continue to be. Reading novels is how I first started learning the English language and reading is how I honed my understanding of the world. During the pandemic when I didn't have many things to keep me occupied, I independently wrote and published my two novels and the third one this year. I write fantasy fiction but I plan to write literary fiction in later years of my life when I have a better understanding of the world around me.

I received endorsement from Arts Council of England for my efforts and I was invited to live and work in the UK on the Global Talent Visa (Exceptional Promise.)

Because I independently published my novel, I wrote all my manuscripts, edited them, wrote blurbs, designed covers in Photoshop, wrote copy for advertisements and marketed them all by myself. I learnt a lot about the publishing and marketing world while doing this, much more than I learnt in my creative writing master's program.


I am exceptionally proud of how far I've come in the last ten years when I was still learning how to speak English.

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March 2020.

The entire world is shutting down.

Six months ago Sara moved to Scotland from India for a new chance at life but nothing has gone right since then. She is stuck in a new country in the middle of a global pandemic. She is lonely, she is homesick, her money is dwindling fast and the worst of all, she can't fall asleep at night. In an attempt to make her life better, she drinks a special kind of tea made of a rare Scottish flower only to realise that the flower is toxic and may kill her any moment.


Except she doesn't die. She breaks the boundary of time and in the middle of a global pandemic, she finds a new life in the distant past...

In the vein of Outlander and The Time Traveler's Wife, Dekko is a page-turner entrenched in history set against the backdrop of Scottish landscape.


May 2020.


The global pandemic continues to get better in some countries while gets worse in others. Sara is feeling much happier now that she can finally sleep at night. However her nights are filled with visions. Visions from another unknown worlds.


But time is running out and she needs to hurry. She needs to understand why these visions are being shown to her before time runs out or she risks losing everything...


Rani is the second book in The Legends of Porin series. Follow Sara as she learns the magic and secrets of the forgotten city of Porin.


When Kali moves to Glasgow leaving everything behind, she is desperate to get any job that would come her way. She finally gets a job as a researcher where she has to study the life of The Last Witch of Scotland. Reading lengthy essays and boring research papers is alright but when she visits the witch's hut to learn more about her, strange things start happening to her.

Now she is being haunted by dark forces who are altering her life and her life is being torn apart by witchcraft, black magic, and possession. The things she is reading about are no longer just words, they are turning into reality.

The Last Witch of Scotland is a chilling portrait of a young girl fighting her own demons while also fighting the sinister spirits that haunt her.


Would she succeed?

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